Great news! Our (second opinion) doctor happily agreed to perform our initial ultrasound and rewrite our medications so we can order them here instead of the Czech Republic! What a major relief!  If she said no we would have had to order them from overseas, which takes forever and costs an arm and a leg to ship. Honestly, if she would have said no to the ultrasound, I have absolutely no idea how I would have figured that out. Glad that worry is off the table! She is truly awesome and very supportive, I’m excited for her to be apart of our journey going forward.

Last week felt insanely busy, aside from the doctor appointment, work and normal life expectations, my mind has been constantly going going going… like last week I realized, what if this double-donor embryo transfer works and we want a full genetic sibling in the future…is that possible? So, I searched my support boards and found, yup it’s possible, people reserve additional embryo’s all the time, they just pay for storage. Sweet, that’s not a problem, we’ll gladly pay for storage if it means the possibility of genetic siblings. Why didn’t I think of this question a month ago?

I emailed our coordinator Michaela to see if there are additional embryos from the batch we were offered. 12-hours later, we had a response and the answer was…nope. There are no embryos left that were created from that same egg and sperm donor. Dang. *Side note: We were informed there are 3 genetic children that have been born from this batch, meaning, if it works, our child would have 3 full siblings somewhere in the world!*  She offered the option to reserve embryos created with the same sperm donor if we’d like.

Nick and I talked about it for a few days and 5-days ago Nick sent this response back to Michaela: “If possible, we would really like to match with an embryo that has other full genetic siblings. Is it possible to find a match with 2 embryos that have the same sperm donor and same egg donor that we can reserve, so we could have 2 children that would be full siblings?”

Well, we haven’t gotten a response back yet. I hate waiting. Whenever it takes more than a few days to get a response I worry that we are being greedy and annoying, or that our questions are frustrating to them. The funny thing is that they’ve been nothing but fantastic to work with and have been very responsive to my (many) emails. Even still, I find myself feeling insecure when I haven’t gotten a response back. I have to continually remind myself that this is our life, this is our future, we get to ask all the questions, we get to know our options, we get to be annoying.

Chances are I’m reading way too far into this, maybe she is looking to see if another batch of embryos meet our criteria? Maybe she has to talk with the doctors before she can offer us another set of embryos? Maybe she was sick a few days and couldn’t respond? Maybe she doesn’t respond after all, and I send another email asking the same question after a week. Regardless, I’ll survive and it will be okay. 😊




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