Two of a Good Thing is Better than One


Hooray! We finally got some responses to our question we’ve been waiting on since September 18th!! Here is a quick recap:

On September 18th, Nick and I sent an email to our coordinator in the Czech Republic asking “If possible, we would really like to match with an embryo that has other full genetic siblings. Is it possible to find a match with 2 embryos that have the same sperm donor and same egg donor that we can reserve, so we could have 2 children that would be full siblings?”

On September 26th (over 1-week later) we still hadn’t gotten a response, so I emailed again politely requesting a response to the above question…

On October 1st, I sent another email requesting, again, a response back and indicated how important this entire process was to us and that the lack of responses were beginning to concern us, even if the answer was “Sorry we are unable to fill that request at this time” I was pleading for some sort of freakin’ response, c’mon it’s been over 14-days!

On October 2nd, there was still zero response! I was getting beyond frustrated! What the hell!?  I emailed an emotion-filled letter to the general email requesting a new coordinator and expressing my not so great feelings. I had reached out to my support group and this was what they recommended to do, some people said they had similar experiences and requested a new coordinator and it was smooth sailing after that. What did I have to lose?

On October 4th, I woke up bright and early to a response directly from my coordinator: “I’m so sorry but at the moment we haven’t any double donor embryos suitable for you. We must waiting if you want.” Not the response we wanted, but hey- at least we tried. This email wasn’t going to change our plans and I was satisfied that we finally received an answer. I emailed her back and thanked her for the response and I ignored the fact that it took 20-days to get back to us, I was just grateful to get an actual response.

On October 5th, I woke up to an unexpected email, again from our coordinator: “Dr Hana found 2 genetically tested embryos with following characteristics: Donor egg 25 age, 0+; eyes brown / hair: dark brown 163 cm (5’3”)/ 63kg (138lbs) × Sperm donor 21 age,0+; eyes: brown / hair: black 181 cm (5’9”) / 81 kg (178lbs) The date for your transfer could be on 3rd Decembra if want. Please, let me know if could be ok for you these embryos.”

I took a shower before waking up Nick so I could process the email and think about the characteristics. It was just yesterday that she had said there wasn’t any options, so I had quickly shut that possibility out of by brain and was again focused on our embryo that we had previously accepted.

For those of you who like comparing options like me, the 1 embryo that we initially accepted had the following characteristics: Egg donor – 27 age; 0+; eyes: brown / hair: light brown; 165 cm (5’4”) / 60 kg (132lbs) × Sperm donor 21 age; 0+; eyes: green-brown / hair: brown; 184 cm (6’0”) / 75 kg (165lbs).

Once I was out of the shower I woke up the sleepyhead and told him the news, the first thing he said was “really?” the second thing he said was “lets do it!” I sent an email off to our coordinator to tell her that we gladly accepted these 2 embryos 😊 😊 😊.

The first thing our family and friends asked us when we told them we had two embryos was if we were transferring both at the same time to try for twins. The answer to that is a big fat NO. Although we have the option to transfer 2 at a time, we will only be doing 1, financially and mentally, we think 1 is plenty. The remaining embryo will remain frozen under our name and we will go back to the Czech to get it transferred, they will not allow us to transfer it in the US. In a perfect world the embryo transfer we are doing on December 3rd will be successful, we have about a 65% chance of success, so fingers and toes crossed. If it is successful, we’ll wait until we are ready for baby #2 and travel back to hopefully have a sibling. If it is not successful, I’d be traveling back solo (due to cost and time) a few months after to transfer our second embryo and hope for success!

Who would have thought there was so many things to consider with a double-donor embryo transfer in another country…



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