Last week I woke up at 5am to the realization that I never asked our coordinator if our new embabies had resulted in a successful pregnancy, so I emailed her immediately. She told me that this egg/sperm combo had resulted in 2 prior pregnancies, but the batch we were offered was created in August of 2018, so our possible future babies have at least two genetic siblings somewhere in this big world….so cool!!

In other news, something incredibly traumatic happened on Saturday night. It all started around 9:30pm when we returned home from dinner with friends, we were snuggling on the couch watching Game of Thrones when I noticed that our oldest dog, Dottie, was lying in a spot and position that was abnormal for her. I told Nick that she was acting weird and he reminded me that she was tired because we were dog sitting a friend’s dog for the last 5 days and earlier the neighbor’s dogs were over playing too. She was definitely tired, so I pushed it aside. 30-minutes later we were ready for bed.

Our usual bedtime routine consists of both dogs jumping in bed to get some love for about 15-20 minutes before we kick them off to their mats for nigh-nigh time. Tuna was the only one who jumped up, he hogged the attention until we realized that Dottie wasn’t even in the bedroom, super strange for her since she has been doing the same routine for 4 years- even when she is dead tired. We yelled for her to come and she slowly walked up to my side of the bed but didn’t try to jump up. I noticed her doing something strange with her mouth, so I reached down to pet her. My hand landed directly in a slimy wet spot. What the hell? I jumped out of bed and turned the light on so I could check it out. *GROSS WARNING* I had to pull apart her long hair and what I saw was absolutely disgusting, it was a huge open wound, the first thing I saw was bloody fat/flesh, I couldn’t tell where it started or ended- I yelled to Nick “SOMEONE SHOT DOTTIE!!” Nick jumped out of bed faster than anyone I’ve ever seen “What are you talking about???” He hollered. My hand was covered in gross goop.

He looked at the spot for 3 seconds and said, “It’s not a gunshot wound Tessa, she’d be dead, but we should probably go to the vet.” We quickly tossed Tuna in his kennel and within 2 minutes we were on the road headed to the emergency vet. We looked at our “pet emergency” magnet on the fridge and called them, their vet had just gone into emergency surgery and would not be unavailable for the next 2-3hours… well that won’t work.

We called their affiliate in Golden Valley and they were able to see her right away. Golden Valley happens to be one of the suburbs that Nick and I have talked about moving to but I have never actually been there. (*Side note: we are also in the process of selling and buying a new home) There is no better time than 10:15pm on a rainy, drizzly night with a bleeding dog to check out the area …Golden Valley it is.

They brought us back to a room right away to fill out forms and to inform us of the ridiculous office fee. Obviously, we didn’t care, fix our bleeding dog, please. The vet came in for a quick chat and then told us they would shave Dottie to see the wound to determine if she needed stitches.

3-minutes later, they brought Dottie in to show us what they were working with. I almost passed out, I couldn’t even look at the wound-I immediately felt woozy. What the heck happened to you girl? She looked so scared, she always hates the vet anyways and shakes uncontrollably, this was not any different, she was a mess, I was a mess, Nick was stoic. Her wound was a giant, it was almost the size of my palm, and it was open, bloody, and swollen. The vet told us “it’s a dandy” and that it likely happens over 24-hours age because of how swollen and infection it was. So gross. “She will need more than a few stitches to take care of this, we have to open it up, clean it out, and put a drain tube in”…….ugh, what? How the F did we not notice this, we are terrible dog parents!! He said it would take an hour and a half, then he brought her back for sedation. ☹

We waited in the lobby, only 2 other families that came in, the first had a dog that had eaten 2 rabbits a few days ago and now they suspected the bones were in her digestive track because she wasn’t eating and vomiting. The second was a family with an elderly cat, I only heard a bit of that conversation, but my guess is that it didn’t end well. God emergency vets are so depressing.

The time passed slowly, we talked about how in the world this could have happened, we had several theories. The receptionist called us up and went over all the medications that Dottie would need, 5 in total. Yikes. We were also informed that we needed to limit her movement, not allow her to play, and follow up with our vet right away on Monday to get further instructions, like tube and stitches removal.

Then they brought her out- she looked so bad, she could hardly walk, she was confused, her eyes were all goopy from the vaseline they put on for surgery. It looked like she had been crying, her eyes showed nothing but fear, I didn’t blame her, after all her left side was shaved, stitched and had a big nasty tube sticking out. My heart broke. They told us she was on a heavy dose of pain medication and that she was just coming down from the anesthesia. Poor sweet girl, you didn’t deserve this.

We struggled to get her into the car, partly because it was down pouring, partly because she was so high from the meds and anesthesia, and partly because Nick and I had absolutely no idea what we were doing and we didn’t want to hurt her more.

I sat in the backseat to try and comfort her, my heart was beating about a million miles per minute, I tried to hold it together but by the time we pulled out of the parking lot I was crying, I felt so, so, so bad for our fur baby.

She was still super messed up when we got home, we slowly got her into our bedroom where she could lay on her mat on our floor. It was a long night. I mayyyybeee slept 2 hours, I was on high alert all night, checking on her periodically to make sure she was okay.

The next day (Sunday) little missy was not herself, to be expected. It wasn’t until around 2:30pm when we got Tuna back from our neighbors that we got even a smidge of a tail wag, right after that our good friend, Lissy, swung by and Dottie was so excited to see her, she let out some excited cries (that’s how she loves to greet people she loves) and embraced all the pets. Glimpses of her spunk were popping through, plus she looked super stylish in the white shirts she got to wear all day to protect her tube.

Today (Monday) we had a follow up with our main vet, we were just there for an appointment 2 weeks ago, so Dottie appeared more comfortable. They checked her incisions and the tube, cleaned her up and said everything was looking “as good as it could.” We head back tomorrow to hopefully get her tube removed. They wrapped her up in some cute pink bandages, so her drainage wouldn’t leak all over our house anymore and sent us on our way.

Today was better, although she still isn’t moving around much, she has her attitude mostly back, like not coming inside and laying on the couch when she knows she isn’t supposed to. Today I watched Tuna try to engage her in play by dropping a bone on her head, she didn’t even flinch, my guess is that by tomorrow she’ll want to zoom around and I’ll have to yell at her because she is still on a zero activity restriction. 😊

So, the burning question- what the heck happened? Not knowing was terrible, there were so many theories but we figured it must have happened in our yard. Was it a stick that she fell on? Another dog scratch or bite? A sharp part of the fence or retaining wall? Did someone walking down the alley and intentionally hurt her? We searched our yard over several times, finally Nick noticed a clump of hair on a hex bolt that sticks out of our patio umbrella about a half inch. I’ve never noticed that dangerous bolt sticking out. Below it was more hair, that was the culprit. Dottie rips around the yard to get Tuna or other dogs to chase her..this time she must have ran between the umbrella stand and it gouged and tore her side. 🤢HOLY OUCH!!!!!!!!

Thanks everyone who sent good energy, positive thoughts, and prayers to our girl!🐶❤️


Tessa & Dottie


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