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One major (breath holding) step is now behind us, thank god! This morning we had my lining ultrasound and let me tell you, I was a nervous wreck. The lining scan today was ultimately our “green light” to officially get our transfer time and final date nailed down for our FET.

A lining ultrasound is performed in mostly all fertility treatments, it allows the clinic to see how thick the uterine wall is and to see how many follicles are growing. These ultrasounds usually happen between CD10-14 and for a successful pregnancy to occur, they want the uterine lining to be greater than 8mm.

I went in today holding my breath and anticipating the worst. I’ve never had lining issues, but I’ve been having nightmares about a thin wimpy lining and everything needed to be cancelled. Having a cancelled fertility cycle while at home sucks…having a FET cancelled when you’ve booked your international airfare and didn’t buy insurance…would really suck.

Seriously, the mix up on cycle days I talked about in my last post really had me messed up psychologically, I felt crazy over analyzing everything.

Today we got great news- My lining looks perfect at 10.79mm’s thick and all my follicles are staying tiny like we want. Our donor FET is officially scheduled for 1pm on December 3rd!!!

Wednesday the 28th I start my progesterone injections… I’ll need to youtube some videos because it’s in these weird little glass bottles I’ve never seen before and have no clue how to get the medication out…Europeans…

We leave on Friday and this will likely be my last post before we leave! We’ll take all the good thoughts, prayers, energies, wishes we can get!!



Comic by the ever so talented Brie Bailey @ Bermuda Tea Comics

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