About Me

wedding-photoHello! My name is Tessa (30yo) and I’m married to the most wonderful man, Nick (33yo). We met in 2009 while out to happy hour with mutual friends, we hit it off right away and the rest was history! We got married in 2014 on the beautiful sand beaches of Mexico and planted our root right outside Minneapolis, Minnesota. We adopted two fur babies, Dottie-a golden retriever and Tuna-one of the cutest mutts you’ll ever meet.

We have had a tough road with infertility which has consisted of miscarriages, a failed IVF/PGS cycle and most recently failed donor sperm IUI’s. We have been TTC since 2014. Nick was diagnosed with a balanced translocation and it is suspected through our IVF cycle I have poor egg quality. Through all of it, we continue to move forward with our end goal being a baby! I’m not exactly sure how (or when) we will get there but we welcome you to follow our story!

I’m excited to document our journey through blogging. If you have questions or would like me to explain things further, please contact me!